Earth Tending:

Healing with the Spirits of the Land

Wednesday, May 18th @ 5:00 PM Mountain Time

During this special event we’ll discuss:

— 1 —

Who Are the Spirits of the Land?

Learn who these spirits are and why they want to work together with us to improve the energy of the land.

— 2 —

Why Does the Land Need Healing?

What types of things can we help to heal and how did they get that way?

— 3 —

Specific Healing Methods for the Land

Learn some specific methods & techniques when doing healing work with the Spirits of the Land

And then experience a guided journey to meet and do healing work with the Spirits of the Land!

We share the Earth with an infinite number of nature spirits, ancestors, trees, mountains, and waters who are ready and willing to speak to us through energy and subtle messages.

When we initiate and come into relationship with these energies and tune into the frequency of the Earth to work in partnership with these spirits, we can assist in clearing and releasing old trauma held in the land, improving the health of our environment and the people around us.

People often think we don't have the ability to shift or change the energy in the land, and that some places are just better or worse than others. But we are surrounded by benevolent Spirits of the Land who are eager to partner with humans to improve the energy in our homes and communities!

Join me for this special event where you’ll learn how to develop these partnerships and also experience a guided journey to connect and do healing work with the Spirits of the Land.

Mark your calendar and join us if...

  • You feel called to send healing energy to the Earth

  • You’re interested in learning how to do healing work with the land

  • You’d like to explore specific techniques for doing energy work with the land

A Personal Invitation From Amy

I believe in the healing power of the Earth.

After doing hundreds of readings for homes and land in locations all over the world, I have personally witnessed the magic that happens when we work together with the Spirits of the Land to provide healing to people, animals and the Earth itself.

This event pulls together not just what I’ve learned about working with these spirits over the past decade, but I’ll also guide you through experiencing it for yourself. When you begin making these connections you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with the beautiful support available to us from this unique group of spirit helpers.

Will you join me to learn some simple but powerful techniques that you can use to do healing work with the Spirits of the Land? I can’t wait to see the magic that’s created when we bring our energy together in partnership with the Earth!

See you there!



P.S. As a special thank you for joining me, you’ll receive a coupon code after registering that’s good for $111 off of the Earth Tenders Academy through May 25th.