Inspirations for Healing the Earth

November 15th - 19th

As our circle of Earth Tenders has grown over the past two years of hosting this course, I have come to know myself as both a teacher and student of this work.

I hear the remarkable experiences people have when they tap into their inner knowing and begin to remember the lifetimes of experience held within their bodies.

These stories inspire me to go deeper into my own remembrance. And I hope they’ll do the same for you.

Join me for this special LIVE event to hear how Earth Tenders Academy students are creating alchemy with the earth, bending space and time, and working in community to create healing portals across lifetimes.


Monday, November 15th at 5:00pm Mountain Time

Debra Lee

Debra is a naturopath, bio-energetic practitioner and lifestyle coach in Tennessee.

On an Earth Tenders Academy live call a few months ago, she shared how she’s been using biofeedback technology that she typically uses in sessions with her clients to work with a lake in her town that needed significant energy healing.

It’s the perfect example of how we can use both energy and technology to create new paradigms in this Aquarian Age we’ve entered. And I think it will get you thinking about new ways you can work with the land too.

Tuesday, November 16th at 5:00pm Mountain Time

Stacey Moody


Stacy is an artist and author based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who suddenly began being pulled to a very specific location near her home. Pike Island and Fort Snelling have a long history of being honored as sacred by the Dakota tribes. The confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers were known as a place of creation.

During the settlement of this area, the Dakota War of 1862 resulted in hundreds of deaths and the internment of over 1600 native men, women and children in this location.

We’ll talk about how Stacey honored the call to do healing work in this location and how her own spiritual path evolved through working with the spirits who stepped forward to assist.

If you’ve ever felt a special connection to a place but weren’t sure what you were being asked to do, you won’t want to miss this discussion!

Wednesday, November 17th at 5:00pm Mountain Time

Amber Mehresh

Amber’s spiritual awakening began as a result of an extended and very serious illness.

During her healing process, she met and began working with a spirit guide who is also still alive in another timeline.

Since then, the two of them have been working across space and time to improve their current lifetimes and change their timelines for the better.

If this whole timeline thing makes your head spin, you’re going to want to join us for this conversation. It will totally expand your thinking about what’s actually possible for us to create and how flexible the fabric of our reality is.

Thursday, November 18th 11:00am Mountain Time

Heather Clark, Sarah Powers and Dawn Williams

Heather, Sarah and Dawn are all originally from Nova Scotia on the powerful Arcadian Ley Line and, after I first shared the map my friend Velvet created and had a couple of calls with her in our Earth Tenders Academy group, the three of them felt very called to work together with the Green Oaks site there.

Now, if you know anything about Nova Scotia, you know it’s soaked in lore about European settlers, the Knights Templar, and buried fortunes and relics.

So when they felt drawn to work with the land in this energetic hotspot at the beginning of the year, they weren’t quite sure what they would find but their adventures connected them with Rosslyn Chapel, the Mary’s, Merlin, stone circles and more.

I joined them virtually for one of these healing sessions and it was beautiful and intense.

We’ll be chatting about our experiences doing this type of work as a group and how lifetimes of healing can happen in the multiverse.

Friday, November 19th at 11am Mountain Time

Open House with Amy Dempster

Join me for a live Q&A session where you can ask me all your burning questions or pick my brain on whatever topic interests you.

I’ll also be sharing all about the new ways you can work with me - including the super upgraded and expanded Earth Tenders Academy!

Mark your calendar and join us if...

  • You feel called to send healing energy to the Earth

  • You’d like to understand how to do healing work from a multidimensional perspective

  • You want to feel inspired by new and creative ways to co-create with Gaia, the elements, nature spirits and more!

A Personal Invitation From Amy

My guides began showing me how to do energy work with the Earth about six years ago - but in 2021, it’s all changed!

As the ascension process has continued for both Earth and all of humanity, healing work has been changing too. It’s time to remove the old memories, templates and symbols and fill the Earth with the frequency of LOVE. What we send out returns to us, amplified, so we all benefit from this work!

I’m looking forward to sharing the stories of Earth Tenders who have also listened to the whispers emanating from the planet at this unique moment in time and said yes to exploring the unknown.

Join us for one or all of these live discussions where I hope you’ll be inspired and expanded in your own spiritual journey.

See you there!